1. The Maelstrom
Track details

Composer: Thomas Hunt
Description: Future bass track with big symphonic drum sounds and floaty piano.
Album: NSM Presents Grand Pavilion
Track number: NSM100_004
Duration: 2:32
2. Lone Soul
Track details

Composer: Travis Graves
Description: Downtempo futuristic electro-pop with funky, sidechained synths and an ambient vocal presence.
Album: Future Trap
Track number: NSM99_001
Duration: 2:09
3. Big Truck
Track details

Composer: Rob Harris
Description: A mid tempo modern country track with driving drums catchy guitar licks.
Album: Country
Track number: NSM98_001
Duration: 2:32
4. Eat It
Track details

Composer: James Nisbet
Description: Upbeat surf guitar with a carefree and cheeky melody.
Album: Surf
Track number: NSM97_001
Duration: 2:39
5. Here Comes Michael Again
Track details

Composer: Tom Green
Description: Mystery packed classic 60s spy theme with cymbalom, strings, drums, and flutes.
Album: Spies
Track number: NSM96_001
Duration: 2:33
1. Kreepy Kids
Track details

Composer: James Graydon
Description: A mischievous, retro, 60s inspired track.
Album: Beware Of The Boogeyman
Track number: NSM65_003
Duration: 2:25
2. The Watcher
Track details

Composer: Andrew Beaton
Description: Ominous and dark with light tension, builds and lurking drones. Somebody is watching.
Album: Darkened Drones
Track number: NSM68_001
Duration: 3:04
3. The Forbidden Planet
Track details

Composer: Andrew Beaton
Description: Stretched strings, wind affects and an alarming undertone unleash feelings of anxiousness and despair.
Album: Darkened Drones
Track number: NSM68_002
Duration: 3:18
4. Welcome To Dystopia
Track details

Composer: Andrew Beaton
Description: Subtle and moody with a cinematic and bleak futuristic feel, welcome to dystopia.
Album: Welcome To Dystopia
Track number: NSM63_001
Duration: 2:45
5. Beware Of The Boogeyman
Track details

Composer: Clive Lukover
Description: Devilish Halloween track filled with comedy, screams and dark gothic elements.
Album: Beware Of The Boogeyman
Track number: NSM65_001
Duration: 2:45
1. Beautiful Xmas
Track details

Composer: John Howard
Description: A joyful, upbeat pop instrumental with big beats, funky keys and male vocals.
Album: Countdown To Christmas
Track number: NSM72_008
Duration: 2:50
2. Merry Wreck-mas
Track details

Composer: Iain Sim
Description: Edgy Christmas track with soaring guitars and a feel good energetic tone.
Album: Christmas Assortments
Track number: NSM66_001
Duration: 2:56
3. Sleigh Ride
Track details

Composer: Mike Reed
Description: A building, celebratory festive anthem, full of Christmas spirit that nods to Christmas carols.
Album: Christmas Assortments
Track number: NSM66_006
Duration: 2:51
4. Snowden
Track details

Composer: Miles Nicholas
Description: Simple and sparkling Christmas feel. Combining a winter wonderland with a warm indoor, fireside glow.
Album: Intimate Christmas
Track number: NSM28_003
Duration: 2:18
5. Day of Celebration
Track details

Composer: Josh Powell
Description: Simple, heart warming piano and strings.
Album: Intimate Christmas
Track number: NSM28_001
Duration: 2:59

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